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“Best” 10 Design Mistakes To Avoid

Avoid these product design mistakes for a lot of troubles: some product features or technologies are tempting at first, but may, with or without additional factors or errors, be your next ticking time bomb or your disaster...

Great 7 Phases of Product Life-Cycle Design

No Designer or Product Manager will forget the end customer using the product for its primary function. But providing added value to all actors in the product chain + in the product life-cycle is a great way...

The Ultimate Design Review Checklist

Do not close any Design Phase without this. This extensive design review checklist is to be used at the end of the design phase of any product, to avoid potentially basic or stupid mistakes that may later...

Design Against Steal and Diverted Uses in 10 Tips

While designers and marketers may want their new product to be as versatile as possible -increase applications and therefore market-, there are cases where this does not add value to the end-user, thus design against stealing should...

Best 9 Wikipedia Articles for Product Design

Designers and engineers can find a wealth of information on Wikipedia to help with their product design and innovation efforts. Complementary to, these 8 Wikipedia articles provide comprehensive, accurate, and up-to-date information on a wide range...

Jack Of All Trades: Versatility in Product Design ?

Versatility in Product Design is risky: by trying to combine too many features, the risk is to obtain either a complicated product, fragile, costly or reaching none of the intended users or market. jack of all trades, master...



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Online C++ job fair
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Weekly Open Make Night
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Exploring the Next AI Frontiers
7:30 PM – 9:30 PM GMT-0400
Hackspace Virtual Project Night
8:00 AM – 9:30 AM GMT-0700
How to Build a Unicorn
2:00 PM – 3:00 PM GMT-0700
How Non-Techies Can Launch Successful Tech Startups


2:00 AM – 3:00 AM GMT+0400
How to Outsource Development of Your App


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Turn Linkedin content into leads

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The operators may move fast on the production line, make straightforward repetitive tasks and put their best effort into it ... this is by far not the fastest production technics. And a camera or a supervisor shouting on his shoulder will not help further The Touch-Move Rule In production also, both...
A brief review of the 6 Jugaad principles, together with our own additions, views sometimes different, and examples and links to detailed posts on Lean product design and methodologies. Note that this is not the Jugaad Innovation book review, which you can find in our selection of best books for...
Do not close any Design Phase without this. This extensive design review checklist is to be used at the end of the design phase of any product, to avoid potentially basic or stupid mistakes that may later be very costly or defeat the complete project, be dangerous or be...
For product design engineers. The 40 TRIZ Principles are the solutions to solve the "TRIZ contradictions" in product design problem-solving or to highlight other approaches during your product design brainstorming sessions. kick ass challenges This article focuses on the 40 triz principles to be used with or without the TRIZ...


A good example of an induction rechargeable product is where the energy is produced by the movement of a magnet through a coil, thus illustrating Faraday's law. No battery either rechargeable or not, therefore no waste or chemicals: a nice green ecological product The design The product has a very interesting...
When lightweight is not just a cost optimization but the main criteria of the product to function. Can you make a military tank fly? Or how to enter the virtuous cycle of making a light frame permits to put smaller motor, that permits to put smaller batteries, that permits...
A great engineered headlamp product, with the usage of many plastic tricks, a tight assembly, an all-in-one electronic board, and optics, all designed in a small battery-size footprint and withstanding harsh environment. Although this is not their latest model, as this brand is making improvements years after years for decades,...
When an unexpected liquid transfer is required, providing it is short-term usage and not too high flow capacity, these pumps become very handy. The particular focus here is the versatility, ease of use and achieved in a low-cost design.   Design specifications for such a product could have been: for water-like liquids...


Due to their performance yet cheap price, plastic bottles are the highest volume of consumable plastic parts produced, which converts into the highest plastic pollution source on earth. View here the technology principles of plastic bottle manufacturing and the Factory Tours to use them knowingly or find alternatives in...
These factory tours will show all the technics and processes of probably the oldest -yet still used- tool on the earth, ie knife manufacturing. This involves steel selection, coating or treatment, machining, plastics or leatherwork, and ergonomics. We have classified these tours from artisan/low volume to industrial high volume production,...
Printed circuit boards, or PCBs, are the foundation of most electronic devices. They are made by layering thin sheets of copper onto a non-conductive substrate, and then etching away the excess copper to create the desired circuit pattern. PCBs can be very simple, with just a few copper traces, or...
All the processes, from the raw material to the green tire finally molded and cured. Not many products involve so many different processes and materials in volumes of millions per year. The technologies involved: elastomer, natural rubber & curing complex mold technics leak-tight and pressure metal reinforcing All that with very high volume production (5...

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