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The 40 TRIZ Principles

The 40 TRIZ principles are the solutions to solve the TRIZ contradictions in product design problem-solving … or to take another approach during your product design brainstorming sessions.

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This article is focusing on the 40 principles only, to be used with or without the TRIZ methodology. Refer to TRIZ methods, tips, and tools at the end of this article.

The 40 principles

As these are translations from Russian -that may vary from book to book- we have taken the wording of Wikipedia to have a common terminology.

Note: some of these principles are in fact technologies, not obsolete, but far from a complete list and should not be restricted to these. Thus we have added in the following chapter other principles and technologies.



our comments



Divide an object into independent parts


Good to solve a tech problem or source a component of the shelf, but may lead to complexity & additional costs


Taking out

Separate an interfering part or property from an object, or single out the only necessary part or property of an object


Complementary Innovation.world Principles

The 40 TRIZ principles can be completed by

More principles

  • standardize
  • use solidified gas or liquid (ex.: Pick and place using frozen humidity from the air to pick small components)
  • impact/ to get sudden energy peak like in teeth or roller extractor
  • use nonnewtonian fluids: liquid when still, gets hard when getting energy, stroke, or movement. Used in the forage industry. With some similarity to the end effect, it can also be a metal powder that solidifies when exposed to a magnetic field
  • capillarity to raise liquid higher or suck the liquid

More technologies

  • additive materials: various 3D printing technologies, from resins and melted plastics to sintered metal powders
  • magnet: see the design with magnets dedicated article
  • use spring, either linear or concentric. to give energy back at a later time (one of the TRIZ contradiction solutions: separate in time)

Resources of interest for TRIZ Principles

Plenty of videos on the TRIZ principles, but in this one, Karen Gadd is explaining the concepts, the real aim, and the context, rather than listing the 40 principles. Check

YouTube player

A presentation with original illustrations for each of the 40 principles:

And an interesting cheat sheet to be printed for your brainstorming room
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