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Innovation.world is the non-profit blog of Fabrice Pin, sharing experience in Innovation and Product Design.

Fabrice Pin

Fabrice is a Mechanical Engineer who developed, helped developed, or managed 20+ devices for the market, mainly Medical Devices and Consumables related to fluid control in various EU countries.

Plastics injection or extrusion, metals forming, sintering or machining, but also integrating Electronics & Software …

Looking at real user needs, best ergonomics, safety, design-to-cost, cleanability and technics used in other industries permitted original yet reliable and very cost-effective innovations. “And boy, we have patented it!” as Steve Jobs would have said … many times in the above cases.

Update Sept 2022: Fabrice is now available for new R&D full-time challenges in Switzerland, France, or remotely. Immediate Availability. Contact him or simply connect on LinkedIn.

Core values promoted here and @work:

Think out of the box to answer user needs with high-value-added products, in a long-lasting and ecological way

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