Tire Manufacturing

All the processes, from the raw material to the green tire finally molded and cured. Not many products involve so many different processes and materials in volumes of millions per year.

The technologies involved:

  • elastomer, natural rubber & curing
  • complex mold technics
  • leak-tight and pressure
  • metal reinforcing

All that with very high volume production (5 tires per car, summer + winter tires,  +1 car per family …) for sure one of the most produced products worldwide after food production.

The logic here is all the way from the rubber tree to the final finished tire.

Let’s first harvest the rubber

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A very good design principle of tires:

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To be compared with a 1930 production

Improvements have been

  • in the materials
  • the assembly of layers
  • in the automation replacing handwork

But obviously a continuous improvement rather than a radical breakthrough innovation design concept except suppressing the inner tube

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