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Metal Drawing Process for Aluminum Cans

Metal Drawing is a process that entails pulling a thin metal plate through a die. In the case of metal cans, the challenge becomes a deep drawing as the workpiece is drawing longer than its diameter.

After reviewing many factors of the final design and shape (ergonomics, packing factor, and others)

Tip: be sure to check the explanation at the end on the modern tab, a combination of smart shape to insure function (fff), yet extremely low cost.

Reproductor de YouTube

Final Thoughts

Bill Hammack

Superb video, both from the global approach, the technical industrial explanations, the bits of history and the consistent clarity

To know more, as Bill justestd himself, be sure to look at the complementary videos he is suggesting.

And the last point: modern cans may want to use steel instead of aluminum, for its ability to be automatically sorted (electromagnet) for recycling.


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