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Strange airport GPS coordinates plates

… or when bureaucracy or regulation takes over common sense in the airport?

GPS coordinates

These latitude/longitude coordinates plates, all the same, are all printed repeatedly, 3 to 5 meters away from each other. In one blink of an eye, this is what you see:

One may think that indicating more frequently is more convenient than less because you see one plate faster, no?

… well … that is very arguable: it can be confusing (“Why different plates? Are they all the same? Should I read all to decide? …”)

Really helpful, just bureaucracy or regulation?

As a reminder (the only technical part in this blog)

XX° xx,xy‘  one unit variation of y = 2nd decimal place of minutes = 1.1km !!!

… so likely all the airport building has exactly the same plates over and over (lower printing cost because of volumes? 😉

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