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Logo Factory from Jigar Patel

Artist Jigar Patel shares his CGI view on how modern logos are “created”. Very fun and creative moments. And because we are innovation.world, we can not resist listing many technics used and some lean aspects. Many compilations and republications have been done on his videos recently, so we thought it would be fair to give credit to his original work and channel.

So enjoy Jigar’s compilation #1:

Le fichier dépasse la limite de taille

which continues with Compilation #2, #3 and #4

Many manufacturing technics

  • die-cutting
  • various printings technics
  • laser cutting
  • milling
  • friction welding
  • some molding technics (more on that after)

… take it as it is, great art only

  • the injection moldings look more like cake manufacturing (gravity & 1 part of the mold)
  • a lot of raw material waste, as the logos are usually taken from precut squares, making waste every time
  • frequently there is an in-between wasted layer
  • a lot of powder coating including to atmosphere, without the heating step

See our Factory Tour section for more realistic (yes, less fun) factory technics

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