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Best 2 LEGO Lean Creative Advertisings & Free Ideation Game

Free Pro Ideation Game inside! For 70 years, the Danish Lego company has produced the most famous toy on earth. Not only are these bricks a nice technical tolerancing challenge over aging and factories variations, but they illustrate well the lean approach we promote for any new product design. We review how their communication is also pairing along this concept of simplicity for great Marketing.

Be sure to scroll down to review the other creative campaigns. All images are copyrighted to the mentioned authors.

And because we are innovation.world, for curiosity and technical culture, we also include an abstract of the original patent filled in 1958.

BTW, in the lean comparison, one could also compare the similarities between “Lego” coming from the Danish phrase “leg godt” meaning “play well” and the lean process term “kaizen” meaning in Japanese “change for better”.

Ideation Game
Ideation Game

Free Company Ideation Game

Related to Product Design and the two advertising campaigns below, what is the minimal brick assembly that is still a recognizable object or character, compared to a random assembly of bricks that is not? This implies the simplicity concept, the MVP design concept, and many others involved in any Product Design.

To our knowledge, this game proposal here is a first:

we suggest this Minimal Bricks Design game, as a company creativity and ideation game

Minimal Bricks DesignGame rules: each participant is given 15 simple 1-color bricks (for the 1-color version) or 3×15 bricks (for the 3-color version). The winner is the one that makes an object with the least amount of bricks that the others can recognize. Five rounds of Two minutes each. It is forbidden to repeat any creation of previous rounds.

The Lego “Imagine” Campaign

Designed by the German Jung von Matt agency in 2012. Another excellent example of a minimalistic design where the viewers (future clients) will try to guess who is who, thus illustrating well the “Imagine” campaign name.

Help needed: put in a comment on the right if you have some explanation on the psychology of how that happens without even asking the question.

(no image title to let you guess. Right-click to see the file name if you’re stuck)

lego donald duck

lego lucky luke daltons

lego smurfs

lego south park

lego the simpsons

lego ernie and bert

lego ninja turtles

“The Shadow Knows” Lego Campaign

In a similar lean way, the agency Blattner Brunner came up with the following advertising visuals in 2009. Note how:

  • the background colors are the opposite of the primary brick color, limiting the number of overall colors, leaning the design
  • of course, the background color choice for stylized sea or grass.
  • the vertical format puts the shadow in the center and focus of the image

lego dino

lego plane

lego tank

lego boat

Original Lego Patent

An abstract from Lego patent filled in 1958: 

lego original brick patent
lego original brick patent


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