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Multifunctional airport ceiling

How to combine structural and noise reduction functions in a concrete building construction, all that in a very nice design shapes. Great!


As seen in an airport:




Airport structural and acoustic ceiling
Airport structural and acoustic ceiling

A great example of Form Follows Functions or how to combine:

  • aesthetical design
  • noise reduction
  • structural support


if made out of plastic
if made out of plastic

The main purpose of the this blog post is to point out its nice aesthetic, but as small technical notes:

  • the bottom of the beam structure being the one submitted to tensile force -not well adapted to concrete- it is likely steel reinforced, while the upper part, being submitted to compression -and here with much more thickness is very very adapted to concrete.
  • At a different scale, would such mesh being made out of injected plastic, the junction would have needed to be differently to avoid variation of thicknesses, which obviously for concrete would straight steel tension rods impossible
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