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(What a) price drop !

Do you think you have a good deal? just look better. Just in case, we calculated that for you: this “exceptional” deal is … a -1(one) cent special offer !!! -0.37% !!! Good that they do not oblige to buy several bottles to obtain such a bargain

 As seen in a supermarket (guaranteed not photoshopped):

ridiculous price reduction
ridiculous price reduction

Translation, if not obvious:

Price Drop

“AVANT”(french) = before

€ 2.72

“APRES”(french) = after

€ 2.71

Is the customer so stupid? or is some typo mistake or some missing digit? or some contractual requirement? or a printing software bug?

… good that there is no automatic value rounding by the way 🙂

The mistake is human. Think & review twice all your customer activities + view from the customer side!

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