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When company’s core values meet lean and efficient process

 a simple review of Bla Bla Car motos, all visual

We very rarely show or disclose brands as advertising is not the purpose and added value for the community should not be the brand itself.

Giving credit & recognition as a big thank is the reason for this exception.

Which moto do we like most?

Pretty all in fact. Moreover, they work well together despite some so-called Marketing Specialists who would generally say “focus & communicate on one simple easy-to-remember strong-but-short message”.

From a lean aspect, “Never Assume. Always Check.” would be our favorite.

But some others about the Team or the Trust are good to remind us that the core work (where the value is added) is in production. 

And what about your company? (use the comment box on the right)


To read more: “Fun & Serious: La culture chez BlaBlaCar” by Laure Wagner

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