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“once in a while…” Steve Jobs, 2007 … product design, marketing, it has them all

Among other sentences, this one became Product Introduction history, with even some parodies, but there is much more than this communication technic here. The tools and the coherence between product in-house brainstormings, and later market arguments are our topic here. In modern methodology, Product Development simply.

Iconic Product Introduction


How to use internal R&D arguments for sales

Featuring a real modern in-house R&D and marketing team brainstorming, except that this time it’s a public (and commercial) one, used for marketing.


  • get existing technologies from other markets
  • technology push thinking
  • competitor analyses
  • designed for product evolution already in mind
  • ergonomic analyze
  • product positioning (not a SWOT graph in this example)


  • … not to forget his presentation skills: teasing, speech effects (3 products introduction … all in one) and jokes


Note: publicly showing & comparing competitor products namaingly may be a risky exercise depending on the country.

Or can be made on purpose to start a buzz campaign. In any case, double-check that & your arguments before proceeding or prepare your lawyers.

get ideas from other technologies
from computers
keep simple and ergonomic
keep simple and ergonomic
market intelligence
market intelligence
market positionning
product market positioning

Now the video : 

YouTube player

To end with his famous

“And boy, have we patented it.”

Exact matches only
include Online Tools
include Events


Share suggestions, corrections,  examples, experience or ideas that may be integrated in this article


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