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Is it Engineering or is it Art ?

Came the other day under this roof, which is a walkway on the other side … and was a bit surprised by the structural design. Was the KISS principle applied here or maybe we missed the most fundamental?


Is that Engineering or art?
Is that Engineering or art?

Among others:

  • biggest beam interrupted by much smaller ones
  • aluminium ceiling (floor on the other side) in any directions
  • what complicated path for light cables then (among others)
  • at least 4 sizes of beams, and counting
  • they had some materials to recycle?

So the big question: maybe we missed the most fundamental … is that art?


We are Product Design specialists, not structural engineers neither artists,

so we let you judge, comment, tweet or repost to help us understand

When Applied to Product Design: it is good practice to use standard off-the shelf pieces versus one made-to-order piece when possible. This is even more crucial when production volume is low or even one-shot … but sometimes the rule should not be respected


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