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Quick non-alcoholic drinks Fun Market Survey

a short breakdown of the market of non-alcoholic drinks in Europe, just from observation and artifacts in an airport.





This is not intended to be a scientific complete study -ready below- but a fun Fun Market Survey blog article pushing to observe surrounding facts

Survey results

Well, just from observation:

soft drink study results
drinks small market study from observation
small study results pie
small study results pie




cola – standard:18 slots 20%
cola – light version:9 slots10%
cola – no sugar version:9 slots10%
soda – standard:3 slots3%
soda – orange taste: 6 slots7%
water – still: 41 slots 46%
water – sparkling: 4 slots4%


And in a more visual manner:




food versus drinks
food versus drinks

Additional observations

  • food: 33%
  • soft non-alcoholic drinks: 66%



Why these results are more thrust-able than they first look like

In fact, the reliability comes from the location & its manager/owner:

  • in these airport situations, these machines see a LOT of customers passing by
  • these vending machines are very versatile, almost anything could physically fit inside; this particularly vending machine is obviously owned by a huge brand with a huge portfolio; they could offer plenty of different sodas & drinks if there was a market for it
  • in order to keep the machine filled as much and as long as possible (less frequent refills=less transports) and keep their stock low (cash & refill transport), statistics and sales tracking is perfect

Why these results could be wrong

Or at least not representative:

  • airport passengers & airport situation is possibly not representing the full population & drink habits (no alcohol represented here; in some eastern countries, draft beer is cheaper than a bottle of water…)
  • limited to small bottles; larger bottles may have a different results


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