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Find out yourself if you get old

You never get old, or in a somehow similar way, you can get old at any age. Find yourself out.

So choose the most appropriate or suggest yours on the right:

  • When everybody around you is a kid
  • When you wake up & know exactly what you will do today (or is it just good project planning?)
  • The first time you think “that last beer was too much” or “never again” (official version: only celebrating the end of an innovative project)
  • When you go to bed without having learned anything that day
  • When after purchasing a product, you read the Instruction For Use first, instead of trying to use it right away (but is the product user-friendly? read about ergonomics on this site if you are its designer)
  • When you hear “In my time…” coming out of your own mouth
  • When you do not delegate the task/project to that great engineer in your team (or wrongly think he will not have an interesting new approach)
  • When the cashier asks for your senior reduction card when you enter a museum
  • When passengers spontaneously stand up and let you their seat in public transportation
  • When you had no innovative idea today|this week|this month|this year (choose the most appropriate) (doctor’s prescription: browse this whole site for more ideas!)
  • If you read this boring article until this bullet (editorial note: mmmh … not really customer-focused)   ….. or when you start to write such an article

other symptoms? (comment on the right)

Get experienced in Product Design
Get experienced in Product Design

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