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Women who Woodwork (or want to!)

Freeside Atlanta 3043 Commerce Way, Atlanta

This class is designed for women who have wanted to learn how to use power tools or improve the skill you currently have. You will learn how to use a circular saw, drill, and jigsaw and leave with a completed project. To quote a friend, "I can make anything with these 3 tools." My hope […]

MIG Welding for Beginners

Freeside Atlanta 3043 Commerce Way, Atlanta

MIG Welding for Beginners is a bimonthly class series that introduces the MIG welding process for hobbyists and home users. MIG (Metal- Inert Gas) is an arc welding process that uses wire fed from a spool to carry the arc and deposit filler metal, while shielded by an inert gas mixture of Argon and CO2. […]

Online Game Night – Socializing, Networking, Fun & More

Online event

We know these are difficult times for many so we've set up some great events that you can participate in from the comfort of your own home! We have several types of events on different days of the week so make sure to click the link of the one you're interested in: Friday - 7:00 […]

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