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Problemas de comunicación modernos (parodia)

One may think modern tools help to get understood at work … well … not always. When modern tools deserve communication.

These guys made a great parody of what a conference call could be is frequently. Among others, you will notice:

  • technical issues or wrong access code
  • late attendees & waiting
  • all speaking at the same time
  • wrongly connected
  • at home, on holidays, not alone
  • prehistoric cavern echo (modern technology?)
  • not exactly working (in other words, playing)
  • leaving for other important trabajo
  • shared documents … or not
  • and … thought somebody else was writing the minutes

and only missing maybe:

  • language problems, in worldwide groups
  • autoritative speaker(s)
  • customer/supplier relation
  • confidential information

btw, is that list not a starting point for writing specifications of a new communication tool?

(see article on cross-domain innovations)

Reproductor de YouTube

And if you like some more, well, there is the great email parody also:

  • box full
  • out of the office activated
  • too big attachment
  • huge signatures or terms
  • answers to all with no original or valuable content (“nice”, “well done” …)
  • personal emails, spams

btw, is that list not a starting point to see their tool … or start to write this company email policy so many times already procrastinated?

Reproductor de YouTube

Please give us your advice & tricks with the link on the right if you do not recognize any situation (have you ever worked at all if you have never encountered these?)

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