Free Online Voronoi 3D Generator

    Provide your 3D model and get freely a voronoied version of it within 1-3 minutes. Very convenient as manually this is a very tedious process in any 3D modeler, and not much software has that as an inbuilt feature.

    You can provide files in the following 3D formats: STL , PLY, DAE, OBJ or OFF

    The output format will either be STL or PLY in binary versions.

    The voronoi(ed) result will be in STL or PLY (Polygon File Format, mostly used in 3D scanners).

    For the dev part, FYI, this service uses Admesh, Stltools, Meshlab, Blender and VTK to generate these voronoi 3D objects.

    As usual, our traditional warning on privacy about any file you upload on a remote, not-so-known online service.

    Free, No registration, No Download/Install required