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  • How NHS Tayside improved their incident response management capability
    YUDU Sentinel discuss NHS Tayside choosing a new system and app to improve incident response and introduce digital documentation. The post How NHS Tayside improved their incident response management capability appeared first on Open Access Government....
    Source: Open Access Government by Emily
  • Sixty ChatGPT Prompts for Scrum Masters and Product Owners
    ChatGPT can be an excellent tool for those who know how to create prompts. The simplest form of prompting ChatGPT is to feed it the task and ask for results. However, this approach is unlikely to trigger the best response from the model. Instead, invest more time in prompt engineering,...
    Source: DZone by Stefan Wolpers
  • Agile Negotiations
    TL; DR: Life Is a Negotiation; Why Would Scrum Be Different? Life is a negotiation. Why would Scrum be different, particularly given its egalitarian nature? As you may recall, no one on a Scrum team can tell anyone else what to do, how to do it, or when to do...
    Source: DZone by Stefan Wolpers
  • What Will Come After Agile?
    I think that probably most development teams describe themselves as being “agile” and probably most development teams have standups, and meetings called retrospectives. There is also a lot of discussion about “agile,” much written about “agile,” and there are many presentations about “agile.” A question that is often asked is,...
    Source: DZone by Mike Harris
  • The Critical Agile Organization Change Guidelines
    Fourth blog, in a blog series about the upcoming book: Creating Agile Organizations - A Systemic Approach, by Cesario Ramos & Ilia Pavlichenko. Resisting change during adoption is a normal human reaction. It is not a sign that a team or a particular department lacks courage or abilities. Also, it...
    Source: Scrum.org by Ilia Pavlichenko
  • ¿Cómo ayuda Scrum a potenciar el intraemprendimiento empresarial?
    ???? ¿Qué encontrarás en este artículo? El intraemprendimiento es la aplicación de la mentalidad y prácticas de los emprendedores, que crean nuevas empresas o despliegan iniciativas sociales, dentro de las empresas consolidadas. Las organizaciones pueden innovar desde fuera, comprando startups o servicios de consultoría, o desde dentro con iniciativa de la dirección o surgidas...
    Source: Scrum.org by Alex Ballarin Latre
  • Benefits of agile documentation for projects
    People sometimes believe “It’s agile, so there is no documentation” or “Agile is anti-documentation.” Neither of these statements is correct. Instead, the incremental and iterative nature of agile software development brings an opportunity to create, leverage and improve documentation in ways that bring new value to projects and stakeholders. The...
    Source: Control Engineering by Chris Vavra
  • 「守破離の守!」スクラムガイドをみんなで読んでみた。
    Scrum fest Mikawa...
    Source: SlideShare
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