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  • WANG PROJECT — packaging design
    WANG PROJECT — packaging design abduzeedo0929—22 Holycow Design shared a beautiful packaging design project. I used this one as inspiration and reference for when I designed a Calmaria Terral. The packaging design focuses on the concept of cleanliness, especially conveying the process of cleansing through its color design. The color design...
    Source: Abduzeedo by abduzeedo
  • u-blox Firmware Update Adds Centimeter-Level Positioning to RTK GNSS Modules
    THALWIL, SWITZERLAND. A new firmware update added support for SPARTN 2.0 and QZSS CLAS positioning augmentation on u-blox ZED-F9R-03B GNSS dead reckoning modules that now provide 3-6 cm-level accuracy within seconds....
    Source: Embedded Computing
  • Detect Location with Centimeter-Level Accuracy - GPS-RTK HAT
    Raspberry Pi HAT Launched, Can Detect Location with Centimeter-Level Accuracy...
    Source: Hackster.io Projects by Kamaluddin Khan
  • Could dragons be real? Not in the way we think.
    The Gila monster's raised scales give it an armored appearance, not unlike a dragon's. And then there's that valuable venom. Deposit PhotosLet's compare the flying assassins in ‘House of the Dragon’ to real-life lizards and dinosaurs. The post Could dragons be real? Not in the way we think. appeared first...
    Source: Popular Science by Purbita Saha
  • 3D illustration designs for There There Restaurant
    3D illustration designs for There There Restaurant abduzeedo0823—22 THERE THERE is a new-opened restaurant located in Doha, Qatar.  From a natural atmosphere created to relax, full of warm colors that stand out throughout the place, Eslam Mhd took my inspiration to create a series of 3D compositions.  The main concept...
    Source: Abduzeedo by abduzeedo
  • Autor elegant aesthetic treating food as a divine being
    Autor elegant aesthetic treating food as a divine being abduzeedo0823—22 Autor is a restaurant in the Conrad Hotel in the Riviera Maya that pays tribute to the chef in command. Hence offering a unique and experiential culinary journey, Its one-of-a-kind concept blends aspiration, experience, and grace in a restaurant. tbpmx...
    Source: Abduzeedo by abduzeedo
  • ‘Hogwarts Legacy’ Has Been Unshockingly Delayed Until 2023
    Portkey Games and WB have announced that the Harry Potter RPG Hogwarts Legacy will be delayed until February 10, 2023, with a Switch version coming later than that....
    Source: Forbes Innovation by Paul Tassi, Senior Contributor
  • GNSS Functionality for MicroMod
    Two new GNSS MicroMod Function Boards are now available along with a new OpenLog Artemis and Screwdriver Kits!...
    Source: Sparkfun by Chris McCarty
  • 36 Days Of Type - Persnine
    36 Days Of Type - Persnine abduzeedo0803—22 Ana Abashidze shared a typography project as part of the 36 Days of Type challenge. Ana describes it as a project that invites designers, illustrators and graphic artists to express their particular interpretation of the letters and numbers of the Latin alphabet. A...
    Source: Abduzeedo by abduzeedo
  • User Success Story: Caving with RTK
    Whether it’s exploring uncharted caves in France or contributing to an open source street-mapping project, Eric Sibert relies on the SparkFun RTK Express for the positional accuracy he needs....
    Source: Sparkfun by Sean Hollister
  • Hackster Projects to Inspire You!
    We're bringing you 4 awesome projects to spark some motivation for your next project!...
    Source: Sparkfun by Sean Hollister
  • Two New GPS-RTK Kits for Extreme Accuracy
    This week we have two new GPS-RTK Kits featuring the ZED-F9P and the ZED-F9R as well as two new ESP32 WROOM Dual Antenna products!...
    Source: Sparkfun by Chris McCarty
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