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  • We now have a full composition of Beethoven’s DNA
    This lock of Ludwig van Beethoven’s hair called The Moscheles Lock, helped scientists sequence the composer’s genome. The hair was authenticated by the study and the inscription was written by its former owner, Ignaz Moscheles. Ira F. Brilliant Center for Beethoven Studies, San Jose State UniversityThe musical master's hair is...
    Source: Popular Science by Laura Baisas
  • EU environmental impacts are ‘outsourced’ to non-member state neighbours
    The burdens of EU environmental impacts are being exported to non-member Eastern European countries – yet the EU continues to profit. The post EU environmental impacts are ‘outsourced’ to non-member state neighbours appeared first on Open Access Government....
    Source: Open Access Government by Eskarina Handley
  • Letting your favorite things gather dust is unsustainable—use them
    Attachment to limited-edition items, such as sneakers, can promote unsustainable consumption. Deposit photosA behavior called product attachment can explain why we avoid using what we care too much about. The post Letting your favorite things gather dust is unsustainable—use them appeared first on Popular Science....
    Source: Popular Science by Carla Delgado
  • It’s official: Footprints for monitoring biodiversity health
    photo credit: UN Biodiversity All five mechanisms that drive down biodiversity are symptoms of ecological overshoot (see also the adjacent blue box). Overshoot is caused by the human economy’s demand for more resources from nature than nature can regenerate. This insight was core to a proposal for the UN Biodiversity...
    Source: Golbal Footprint Network by Michelle Shaffer
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