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Latest News on Microelectronics

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  • ST to build SiC substrate factory in Sicily
    STMicroelectronics is planning integrated silicon carbide substrate manufacturing facility on the Italian island of Sicily to support demand for SiC ICs from automotive and industrial customers. “Production is expected to start in 2023, enabling a balanced supply of SiC substrate between internal and merchant supply,” said the company, which is...
    Source: Electronics Weekly by Steve Bush
  • 5V 30MHz dual op-amp has 50µV input offset
    STMicroelectronics has added a 30MHz 50µV input offset dual device to its 5V op amp family. Called TSV782 and working down to 2V, allowing it to use the same power rail as low-voltage logic devices, and consumption is 3.3mA/channel – there is no shut-down pin to reduce this. Slew rate is...
    Source: Electronics Weekly by Steve Bush
  • STM starts parallel ‘unofficial’ GitHub for less formal code
    STMicroelectronics has started a second STM32 entry on GitHub alongside its official STM32 GitHub for the microcontroller family. Called STM32 Hotspot, it “contains non-productised code created by ST’s in-house engineers, originally written for purposes such as exhibition demonstrations and proof-of-concept models. Code examples like these would typically not be shared...
    Source: Electronics Weekly by Steve Bush
  • STMicroelectronics Releases the TSV782, Expanding its 5V OP-AMP Family
    The TSV782 wil bring high-speed and precise signal conditioning to STMicroelectronics 5V OP-AMP Family...
    Source: Embedded Computing
  • CAN bus LED controller for automotive lighting
    STMicroelectronics has used the ‘CAN FD Light’ protocol in a 32-channel automotive lighting controller. “With 32 regulated current sources, independently programmable from 1mA to 15mA, L99LDLH32 can drive individual pixels in external and interior lighting applications. Global dimming is also provided, with 8-bit resolution,” according to the company, whose data...
    Source: Electronics Weekly by Steve Bush
  • 3A buck converters are I2C-programmable on-the-fly
    Halo Microelectronics is aiming at portable systems with dynamic voltage scaling with a pair of 3A synchronous buck converter that can be programmed on-the-fly over I2C for output voltage and output slew rate. Both run from 2.5 to 5.5V, and are available in multiple variants that affect output characteristics. HL7593...
    Source: Electronics Weekly by Steve Bush
  • Tag! You're It!
    SparkX is back with a new NFC/RFID Tag, the FLIR Lepton Breakout V2 is now available on its own, and we have a new and better way to remove a U.FL-terminated cable....
    Source: Sparkfun by Chris McCarty
  • New dimension in metallic superlattices
    (a) Conventional superlattice structure consisting of different 2D materials. (b) Newly fabricated superlattice structure consisting of two-dimensional (film-like) and one-dimensional (chain-like) materials. Image: Y.C. Lin.Breakthroughs in modern microelectronics depend on understanding and manipulating the movement of electrons in metal. Reducing the thickness of metal sheets to the order of nanometers...
    Source: Materials Today
  • 1,200V SiC T-switch for three-level converters, and a bridge too
    STMicroelectronics has released a silicon carbide T-switch module for three-level dc-dc converter topologies (right), and also a single-phase full-bridge. Both are rated at 1.2kV, 75A and contain four of the company’s second-generation 13mΩ SiC mosfets, in its 48 x 57mm Acepack power package which can be press-fitted or soldered. The...
    Source: Electronics Weekly by Steve Bush
  • A simple way to significantly increase lifetimes of fuel cells and other devices
    MIT researchers find that changing the pH of a system solves a decades-old problem....
    Source: MIT: Research by Elizabeth A. Thomson | Materials Research Laboratory
  • STMicroelectronics Introduces Fast-Starting Load Switch for Safety Systems
    STMicroelectronics has introduced the IPS1025HF fast-starting high-side power switch for use in safety systems that require minimal power-on delay time....
    Source: Embedded Computing
  • Spiders used as mechanical grippers for soft robotics
    Robotics Insights Rice University researchers are using deceased spiders as mechanical grippers, which could be used to strengthen the technology used for soft robotics and other applications that use grippers. Spiders’ grips are very much like hydraulics and allow them to control each leg individually. Robots currently use many different...
    Source: Control Engineering by Chris Vavra
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