CasaFunMarketing sullo scaffale

Marketing sullo scaffale

There was the off-the-shelf product, now there is the on-the-shelf marketing.  An example combining several technics in a Customer-friendly and interactive way to get sales in a store

context in the shop
the context in the shop

This example was found in a comic-books store.

The place in the shop does matter, in this case, it was placed near the cashier:

  • as a last-second complementary sell (gift or other) & to avoid competition with main products, ie comic-books
  • and likely to have a view on it continuously… well … to avoid the small test samples “disappearing”


The various aspects that make that work and look good:

  • the movie (in green below); the moving/animation is the catch for the Customer to pay attention. It consists of a close-up on fingers + the product only demonstrating the ease of use and the many possibilities for an object that could look too basic and limited otherwise; no voice or music that would make that very annoying and refused by the shop (read above on the place close to the cashier)
  • the branding (in red) is printed fully on labels twice + the main typeface punched once in the metal (to avoid the screen and the shelf being re-used for another brand?)
  • the argument (in pink) in big font
  • some pictures of shape examples: to show directly several possibilities without waiting for the video length (and if the video gets broken or no power?)
  • the playground (in orange); Customers can try the magnets themselves on the closest surface, ready to grab. Notice also the color of the sample: blue, to be will be very visible place on its opposite color being the orange
  • finally … a good place for the products themself (in yellow), using all the available width & about 50% of the total volume


marketing shelf analyse
marketing shelf analyses


And a word about its design:

  • fully metal (& magnetic!)
  • 2 main surfaces + side bars for rigidity & handling function
  • an additional bending in the front that both acts as a playground for the sample and hold the boxes on the other side
  • a now-standard video player screwed on the back
varianti di prodotto
varianti di prodotto


To be noticed that this product has been diversified in many color variants after its initial success 2-3 years ago. See article about successful products & variants.

A great job overall!

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