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Latest News on Solar Panels

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  • Wireless power company Emrod beams 550 W across an Airbus warehouse
    The European Space Agency and Airbus teamed up with New Zealand-based startup Emrod to demonstrate a wireless power transfer system last week. Wireless power company Emrod beams 550 W across an Airbus warehouse by Tim De Chant originally published on TechCrunch...
    Fonte: TechCrunch by Tim De Chant
  • Nuove interpretazioni errate dell'effetto serra da parte di William Kininmonth
    I have a feeling that we are seeing the start of a new wave of climate change denial and misrepresentation of science. At the same time, CEOs of gas and oil companies express optimism for further exploitation of fossil energy in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, at least...
    Fonte: Clima reale da rasmus
  • Fleet electrification and EV charging infrastructure
    Anne Buckingham, Sales Director for SWARCO Smart Charging argues that partnerships will be key to EV charging success and hitting net zero targets. The post Fleet electrification and EV charging infrastructure appeared first on Open Access Government....
    Fonte: Governo ad accesso aperto da Emily
  • Major investment into Welsh ambulances
    Patients in Gwent have benefited from a multi-million pound Wales-wide investment in new ambulances, complete with MIPV solar panels. The post Major investment into Welsh ambulances appeared first on Open Access Government....
    Fonte: Governo ad accesso aperto di Freya Thomson
  • Challenges in trade between China and the U.S. highlighted by forced labor bill
    The trade complications between China and the U.S. know no limits. A recent article in the Wall Street Journal outlined some of the latest challenges revolving around the Uyghur Forced Labor Prevention Act (UFLPA), which went it to effect in June of this year. The industry has struggled in the...
    Fonte: Adafruit by Teddy Papes
  • New colloidal synthesis method produces novel nanocrystals
    Unit cells and electron micrographs of alkaline-earth chalcogenide nanocrystals. Image: US Department of Energy Ames National Laboratory.Research into the synthesis of new materials could lead to more sustainable and environmentally friendly items such as solar panels and light emitting diodes (LEDs). Scientists from Ames National Laboratory and Iowa State University...
    Fonte: Materiali oggi
  • Meet the winners of the student pitch competition at Disrupt 2022
    TechCrunch Disrupt is a three-day showcase of the work being done by the best and brightest in Silicon Valley and is an exclusive first look at the most exciting new innovations coming over the next few years. The conference, set this year for October 18–20 in San Francisco, has hosted...
    Fonte: TechCrunch by Lauren Simonds
  • È finalmente arrivato il momento di una base permanente sulla Luna?
    'A manned base on the moon?' appeared in the April 1952 issue of Popular Science. Popular ScienceThe upcoming Artemis mission is NASA's initial step to create a lunar outpost—but are we really ready to establish long-term bases beyond Earth? The post Is it finally time for a permanent base on...
    Fonte: Popular Science: Popular Science di Bill Gourgey
  • Passive cooling system could benefit off-grid locations
    Relying on evaporation and radiation — but not electricity — the system could keep food fresh longer or supplement air conditioning in buildings....
    Fonte: MIT: Ricerca di David L. Chandler | Ufficio stampa del MIT
  • Building regulations add to Net Zero drive
    ECA technical experts Luke Osborne, ECA Energy & Emerging Technologies Solutions Advisor, and Shahid Khan, ECA Technical Manager discuss how new Building and Wiring Regulations are enabling the transition to net zero As low-carbon technology and energy efficiency take centre-stage in the UK’s energy strategy, commercial opportunities are booming. It’s...
    Fonte: Giornale della gestione delle strutture di Sarah OBeirne
  • How the New Climate Law Can Save You Thousands of Dollars
    Rebates and tax credits can lower the cost of solar panels, energy-efficient appliances and electric vehicles....
    Fonte: NY Times Clima di Coral Davenport
  • Spotlight: Examining Solar Panel Materials at the Microscale
    Before making the investment in an array of solar panels, potential buyers may wonder: How long will the technology last before it breaks down? That’s just what a team of NIST researchers — including Stephanie Moffitt, Po-Chang Pan and Xiaohong Gu...
    Fonte: NIST by Sarah Henderson
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