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Ultime notizie sulle batterie meccaniche

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  • Tiny diamond rotor could improve protein studies
    A new way of machining microscale rotors from diamond crystal can enable ultrasensitive NMR devices for probing proteins and other materials....
    Fonte: MIT: Ricerca di David L. Chandler | Ufficio stampa del MIT
  • NEW PRODUCT – Tough Relay from Digital Loggers
    NEW PRODUCT – Tough Relay from Digital LoggersTough Relay combines the features of a durable power relay, AC current monitor, circuit breaker, energy logger, power meter, and an event scheduler all in a compact DIN package. It can be used stand-alone or connected to a microprocessor via serial I/O.This DIN rail-mountable...
    Fonte: Adafruit by Angelica
  • Tre progetti guidati dal MIT hanno ottenuto il finanziamento MURI per il 2023
    Attraverso l'Iniziativa di Ricerca Universitaria Multidisciplinare, il Dipartimento della Difesa degli Stati Uniti sostiene progetti di ricerca in aree di importanza critica per la difesa nazionale....
    Fonte: MIT: Ricerca di Kimberly Tecce | Rachel Gordon | Dipartimento di ingegneria meccanica | MIT CSAIL
  • Ionogel membranes take comfort in warm milk
    Peeling off the 2D ionogel membrane. Photo: The University of Texas at Austin/Cockrell School of Engineering.A common chemical reaction that most people have seen first-hand has inspired a new way to make a flexible gel film that could lead to innovations in sensors, batteries, robotics and more. A research team...
    Fonte: Materiali oggi
  • Get ready for the world’s first permanent EV-charging road
    Sweden will use one of three different charging methods on a stretch of one of its highways. Deposit PhotosA roughly 13-mile span of Swedish highway could charge mass transit vehicles, and maybe commuters' EVs, as early as 2025. The post Get ready for the world’s first permanent EV-charging road appeared...
    Fonte: Popular Science: Popular Science di Andrew Paul
  • Why you barely see electric vehicles at car dealerships
    There are already 1.9 million reservations or pre-orders for recently released EVs. DepositPhotosWanting an EV is one thing—buying one is another. The post Why you barely see electric vehicles at car dealerships appeared first on Popular Science....
    Fonte: Popular Science: Popular Science di Sara Kiley Watson
  • SiC automotive e-fuse demo disconnects up to 30A 900V
    Microchip has used silicon carbide power transistors in an electronic fuses demonstrator for electric vehicle batteries. “The demonstrator can detect and interrupt fault currents in microseconds, 100 – 500 times faster than traditional mechanical approaches,” according to the company. “The fast response substantially reduces peak short-circuit currents from tens of...
    Fonte: Settimanale di elettronica di Steve Bush
  • Vibrations not so good in solid-state batteries
    UC San Diego nanoengineers Sasawat Jamnuch (left) and Tod Pascal (right) developed computational methods to understand the factors that restrict the movement of lithium ions near the surface of a solid electrolyte. Photo: UC San Diego.An international team of researchers, including nanoengineers at the University of California (UC) San Diego,...
    Fonte: Materiali oggi
  • Fiber cathode could weave a good yarn
    Since we are trying to make a fiber-shaped zinc-ion battery, we care not only about the battery performance, but also about the mechanical properties we need the fiber to be strong and also flexible.Wei Gao, North Carolina State UniversityResearchers at North Carolina State University (NC State) have managed to make...
    Fonte: Materiali oggi
  • Ingestible “electroceutical” capsule stimulates hunger-regulating hormone
    The device, which uses electricity to boost hormone production in the stomach, could help to ease nausea and counteract appetite loss....
    Fonte: MIT: Ricerca by Anne Trafton | MIT News Office
  • Electroplating Explained – How It Works, Types, Benefits & More
    Electroplating is a common surface finishing process in the manufacturing industry to coat a material (substrate) with another metal. In recent years, the process has undergone many advances, making it […] The post Electroplating Explained – How It Works, Types, Benefits & More appeared first on Fractory....
    Fonte: di Siim Sild
  • Conductive materials make the cut for origami robots
    This origami-inspired walking robot can reverse direction when either of its antennae senses an obstacle. Image: Wenzhong Yan/UCLA.Roboticists have been using a technique similar to the ancient art of paper folding to develop autonomous machines out of thin, flexible sheets. These lightweight robots are simpler and cheaper to make and...
    Fonte: Materiali oggi
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