CasaFunFunny Memes ... for the R&D also

Memes divertenti ... anche per l'R&D

Funny memes spread over the internet faster than fire in the bush. The reason is not only the funny aspects, but it’s also mainly because they convey a big part of the truth behind the joke, as the joker was passing a message to the king in medieval times. And this is why they can be very efficient at work.

These images, so as jokes and games, può essere useful a lavoro da helping a build rapport con colleagues e clients, breaking il ice in difficile situations, e making lavoro di più divertimento. Jokes può anche essere usato a show che you sono a competent e confident professional who è non afraid a laugh a yourself.

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Not only internet memes but also brand logos, comic strips, and quotes that are applicable in Design del prodotto, L'innovazione, and work contexts.

Copyright Note: authors have been credited here as much as … known (almost impossible when an image is just passed over and over on the web), but if we shall correct that or if you are one of these authors and listing you here is a problem, please contact us.

Too busy to improve
Too busy to improve

Funny Memes

When either not reinventing the wheel or working for long-term improvement (Kaizen) is needed. As with most of these kinds of improvement, one needs an external eye to see these.

Interfaccia grafica semplice
Simple GUI © Eric Burke




Or, as we are active promoters of the Design semplice concepts and use this example regularly in our mentoring sessions, here on the left.








NIKE / just do it
© NIKE / just do it


Brands and Famous Quotes

When no company decision is made, or procrastination

Complexity is our enemy
Complexity is our enemy


When the project becomes overly complex, risky, costly, fragile, managed only by engineers 😉 …

And for our coding friends who “we will correct your hardware bugs with our software”:


Bugs Are Attracted by Light
Bugs Are Attracted by Light

Scott Adams & Dilbert

Being dedicated to the R&D and office environment, the entire work of Scott around Dilbert -the R&D engineer- should be listed here. We recommend his entire collection of books … or to invite him for a conference or consultancy.

One can search through his online excerpts repository:

Suggest your best Innovation and Product Design related memes on the right!

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