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How to Move Your Startup Company to the U.S.

juin 20 @ 8:00 - 9:00 GMT-0700

This event is an online event.

Attendees from anywhere in the world can participate!

This event is FREE to attend!

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Moving an international company to the U.S. can be a challenging process with many pitfalls.

This webinar is designed to help tech startups understand some of the legal decisions that need to be taken into consideration when expanding your company to the U.S.

The speakers will discuss:

1. Why many startup founders want to bring their company to the U.S.

2. When is a good time to start the process?

3. What is an appropriate legal structure for U.S. operations or funding in the U.S.?

4. What are the typical rounds of raising capital in the U.S.?

5. What are the most common mistakes founders make during the early stages of their startup (taxation, IP, immigration, insurances, compliances)?

Please come with your questions, comments and scenarios.

**About the Speakers:**

**Svetlana Kamyshanskaya**, the founder of Primum Law Group, is a global citizen with the legal, operational, and project management expertise to chart a successful course for expanding inbound tech companies and startups. Svetlana works with entrepreneurs and executives at all stages of development. She has personalized her clients’ road maps for bringing their business to the U.S.

**Elina Firsava** is a corporate attorney at Primum Law Group where her practice focuses on helping international and domestic companies to incorporate and develop their business in the United States. She assists startups with their general corporate matters, including entity
formation and reorganization.


Date :
juin 20
Heure :
8:00 - 9:00 GMT-0700
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