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Valeur globale de la vente au Japon/ 海外営業向け:モノの価値を売って活躍する方法

mai 30 @ 2:30 - 4:00 GMT+0900

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J-グローバル 異文化ビジネススクール




## ​まずは無料でクラスを体験してみる


We have experience in supporting non-Japanese with their sales in Japan.
Build trust and show value in ways appreciated by Japanese organizations
Acquire the mindset, knowledge, and skills of a global sales professional who understands unique Japanese customer tendencies. And make a specific action plan tailored to your unique work environment, so that you can confidently work with Japanese clients.

**Who is this program for?**

Global Value Selling is a program for non-Japanese and Japanese sales representatives of Japanese companies or foreign capital companies selling to Japanese clients. Join us and share ideas about how to build your sales and delight your target customers in this mixed culture situation.

## First, try any class for free!

Please try any lesson as a free trial.
After that, if you choose to try out our monthly Subscription Service, you can attend any event for free for a 2-week trial period. After that, continue taking all classes for a monthly fee of just 5,000 yen per student. We recommend you first take a free 1-1 coaching session to discuss your learning needs, and which of our programs may most help you.
Register here:


Date :
mai 30
Heure :
2:30 - 4:00 GMT+0900
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