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Últimas noticias sobre Open AI

Below are excerpts of the latest Open AI news found online, copyrighted and direct link to their respective authors. Found, selected, and sorted. Any problem or additional source you would like to include here, please contact us.

  • UK’s AI safety summit gets thumbs up from tech giants
    Make way for another forum on AI safety. The U.K. government has announced it will convene a “global” AI summit this fall with the aim of agreeing “safety measures to evaluate and monitor the most significant risks from AI”, as its PR puts it. There’s no word on who will...
    Fuente: TechCrunch por Natasha Lomas
  • Contextual AI launches from stealth to build enterprise-focused language models
    Large language models (LLMs) like OpenAI’s GPT-4 are powerful, paradigm-shifting tools that promise to upend industries. But they suffer from limitations that make them less attractive to enterprise organizations with strict compliance and governance requirements. For example, LLMs have a tendency to make up information with high confidence, and they’re...
    Fuente: TechCrunch por Kyle Wiggers
  • OpenAI still not training GPT-5, Sam Altman says
    OpenAI is still not training GPT-5, months after the Microsoft-backed startup pledged to not work on the successor to GPT-4 “for some time” after many industry executives and academics expressed concerns about the fast-rate of advancements by Sam Altman’s large language models. “We have a lot of work to do before...
    Fuente: TechCrunch by Manish Singh
  • How Sam Altman Stormed Washington to Set the A.I. Agenda
    The chief executive of OpenAI, which makes ChatGPT, has met with at least 100 U.S. lawmakers in recent months. He has also taken his show abroad....
    Fuente: NY Times Technology by Cecilia Kang
  • LlamaIndex adds private data to large language models
    Last fall, after playing around with OpenAI’s GPT-3 text-generating AI model — the predecessor to GPT-4 — former Uber research scientist Jerry Liu discovered what he describes as “limitations” around the model’s ability to work with private data (e.g., personal files). To solve for this, he launched an open source...
    Fuente: TechCrunch por Kyle Wiggers
  • T. Rowe Price has marked down its stake in Canva by 67.6%
    Last summer, Blackbird, one of Australia’s largest venture operations, marked down the value of one of its most prized stakes, in the Sydney-based design platform Canva. Valued at $40 billion by investors in a $200 million round in the fall of 2021, Blackbird adjusted its own valuation of the company...
    Fuente: TechCrunch by Connie Loizos
  • Meta found liable as court blocks firing of moderators
    A Kenyan court has ruled that Meta is the primary employer of content moderators suing the social media giant and its content review partner in Africa, Sama, for unlawful dismissal. The 184 moderators, in the suit filed in March this year, also alleged that Meta’s new content review partner on...
    Fuente: TechCrunch by Annie Njanja
  • Welcome to the new surreal. How AI-generated video is changing film.
    The Frost nails its uncanny, disconcerting vibe in its first few shots. Vast icy mountains, a makeshift camp of military-style tents, a group of people huddled around a fire, barking dogs. It’s familiar stuff, yet weird enough to plant a growing seed of dread. There’s something wrong here. “Pass me...
    Fuente: MIT Technology Review por Will Douglas Cielo
  • EmTech Next is happening June 13-15
    EmTech Next, MIT Technology Review’s signature digital transformation conference, is June 13-15, 2023. This year’s event looks at the game-changing power of generative AI, the technology, and the legal implications of generated content. Leaders from OpenAI, Google, Meta, NVIDIA, and more are expected to discuss the future of AI. Join online...
    Fuente: MIT Technology Review by Nina Mehta
  • Low-code ML platform Predibase raises another $12.2M
    End-to-end machine learning platform Predibase today announced a $12.2 million expansion to its $16.25 million Series A funding round from last year. The company also announced that its low-code, declarative ML platform for developers is now generally available. During the beta period, which launched when the company came out of...
    Fuente: TechCrunch por Frederic Lardinois
  • Big Tech’s latest AI doomsday warning might be more of the same hype
    Critics say current harms of AI include amplifying algorithmic harm, profiting from exploited labor and stolen data, and fueling climate collapse with resource consumption. Photo by Jaap Arriens/NurPhoto via Getty ImagesOn Tuesday, a group including AI's leading minds proclaimed that we are facing an 'extinction crisis.' The post Big Tech’s...
    Fuente: Popular Science por Andrew Paul
  • Google engineers used real dogs to develop an agility course for robots
    A robot dog 'Barkour' course may provide a new industry standard for four-legged machines. Deposit PhotosResearchers hope the 'Barkour' challenge can become an industry benchmark. The post Google engineers used real dogs to develop an agility course for robots appeared first on Popular Science....
    Fuente: Popular Science por Andrew Paul
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