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Últimas noticias sobre tribología

Below are excerpts of the latest Tribology news found online, copyrighted and direct link to their respective authors. Found, selected, and sorted. Any problem or additional source you would like to include here, please contact us.

  • Too fast for friction
    Slow sliding (left) leaves the structure of the metal intact. Fast sliding (middle) completely destroys the structure. Extremely fast sliding (right) partly melts the uppermost layer, which protects the layers below. Image: TU Wien.When two metal surfaces slide against each other, a variety of complicated phenomena occur that lead to...
    Fuente: Materials Today
  • Not All Digital Twins Created Equal
    Much more than a simple 3D CAD rendering, digital twins can significantly advance operational performance. By Mark Childs and Walt Ravelo, GE Digital A digital twin that provides value to the operating capability of a power plant must include physics and empirical-based modeling, product design information, operational data, and failure-based...
    Fuente: Planta eficiente por la Redacción del PE
  • Making surfaces water-repellent with sandpaper
    A team from Rice University have developed a one-step way to make surfaces very water-repellent, known as superhydrophobic, without using chemicals. Their new approach, which involves sandpaper, some powders and a bit of toil, offers the best properties for superhydrophobicity as well as providing materials with excellent anti-icing properties.   As reported in ACS Applied...
    Fuente: Materials Today
  • Machine Learning To Play Key RCM Role
    By Dr. Klaus M. Blache, Univ. of Tennessee Reliability and Maintainability Center (RMC) and Rajiv Anand, CEO, With so much of what we need to fix attributed to random failure, more sophisticated tools and technologies are needed to enable the best opportunity for early detection and intervention. Understanding this, the...
    Fuente: Planta eficiente por la Redacción del PE
  • Hybrid additive manufacturing in the factory of the future
      Learning Objectives Hybrid additive manufacturing combines additive and subtractive approaches to metalworking. Common metal 3D printing techniques include the layered deposition and sintering of metal powders by high-energy beams. Hybrid additive manufacturing enables new production efficiencies and greater complexity in surface engineering. Computer numerical control (CNC), is the industrial era’s...
    Fuente: Ingeniería de control by cmiller
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