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Últimas noticias sobre Scrum

Below are excerpts of the latest Scrum news found online, copyrighted and direct link to their respective authors. Found, selected, and sorted. Any problem or additional source you would like to include here, please contact us.

  • The Three - Wait: Four - Elements of Empiricism
    In its theory section, the Scrum Guide refers to the three elements of empiricism: transparency, inspection, and adaptation. However, a fourth element, foundational to enable empiricism, is hidden in a sentence on Scrum Values. Read on and learn more about the complete picture of Scrum’s empiricism. Empiricism Let’s start with...
    Fuente: DZone by Stefan Wolpers
  • Agile Is Not a Method, Let Alone "The" Method
    In four years, the Agile Manifesto will celebrate its silver jubilee. I want to devote another post to these sensible recommendations you find hanging in poster format on office walls the world over. Agile as a noun has become solidified in the established practice of software development to the point...
    Fuente: DZone by Jasper Sprengers
  • The Product Backlog
    Contrary to popular belief, the Product Owner does not have dictatorial powers regarding the composition and order of the Product Backlog. Instead, Scrum as a framework is based on a delicate system of checks and balances, collaboration, and joint decision-making to mitigate risk; for example, the Product Owner falling in...
    Fuente: DZone by Stefan Wolpers
  • Product Backlog Refinement
    The Product Backlog refinement is a continuous process to create actionable Product Backlogs, enabling a Scrum Team to run Sprint Plannings at a moment’s notice. Consequently, refinement is about creating alignment among all team members about the Why, the What, the How, and probably even the Who regarding the upcoming...
    Fuente: DZone by Stefan Wolpers
  • Definition of Done Theses
    Given the importance of a viable Definition of Done for a Scrum team’s success, it has always puzzled me how complacent or ignorant many Scrum teams are regarding their Definition of Done. So, let me share with you the ten first principles of this critical Scrum success factor to improve...
    Fuente: DZone by Stefan Wolpers
  • Article: POCs, Scrum, and the Poor Quality of Software Solutions
    POCs and Scrum can play a critical role in implementing Quality software solutions. Poor quality often starts with a POC that was prematurely turned into the development pipeline. Scrum short sprints often create an environment most conductive to working reactively to constantly-changing requirements making it hard for developers to prioritize...
    Fuente: InfoQ by Alaa Tadmori
  • Shape shifting
    Paul Edward, Managing Director of British office furniture designer and manufacturer Staverton explains why choosing flexible and mobile furniture can help employees to shape the environment to suit their needs The pandemic, and our subsequent return to the office has made the need for high performing workspaces that deliver the...
    Fuente: Facilities Management Journal por Sarah OBeirne
  • The Critical Agile Organization Change Guidelines
    Fourth blog, in a blog series about the upcoming book: Creating Agile Organizations - A Systemic Approach, by Cesario Ramos & Ilia Pavlichenko. Resisting change during adoption is a normal human reaction. It is not a sign that a team or a particular department lacks courage or abilities. Also, it...
    Source: by Ilia Pavlichenko
  • ¿Cómo ayuda Scrum a potenciar el intraemprendimiento empresarial?
    🤔 ¿Qué encontrarás en este artículo? El intraemprendimiento es la aplicación de la mentalidad y prácticas de los emprendedores, que crean nuevas empresas o despliegan iniciativas sociales, dentro de las empresas consolidadas. Las organizaciones pueden innovar desde fuera, comprando startups o servicios de consultoría, o desde dentro con iniciativa de la dirección o surgidas...
    Source: by Alex Ballarin Latre
  • Benefits of agile documentation for projects
    People sometimes believe “It’s agile, so there is no documentation” or “Agile is anti-documentation.” Neither of these statements is correct. Instead, the incremental and iterative nature of agile software development brings an opportunity to create, leverage and improve documentation in ways that bring new value to projects and stakeholders. The...
    Fuente: Ingeniería de control por Chris Vavra
  • 「守破離の守!」スクラムガイドをみんなで読んでみた。
    Scrum fest Mikawa...
    Source: SlideShare
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