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Últimas noticias sobre hidroponía

Below are excerpts of the latest Hydroponics news found online, copyrighted and direct link to their respective authors. Found, selected, and sorted. Any problem or additional source you would like to include here, please contact us.

  • Is it finally time for a permanent base on the moon?
    'A manned base on the moon?' appeared in the April 1952 issue of Popular Science. Popular ScienceThe upcoming Artemis mission is NASA's initial step to create a lunar outpost—but are we really ready to establish long-term bases beyond Earth? The post Is it finally time for a permanent base on...
    Fuente: Popular Science by Bill Gourgey
  • How to reuse your coco coir in soilless growing
    Why reuse media Buying new media and spending labor to mix, expand, and even amend it can be a costly process for growing facilities. Dumping media also involves going through a composting process, wasting nutrients that are already present in that media when it is thrown away. However, media in...
    Source: ScienceInHydroponics by admin
  • How to make a stabilized ortho-silicic acid solution with only 3 inputs
    In a previous post, which you can read here, I gave a procedure for the preparation of a stabilized mono-silicic acid using from potassium silicate. The procedure called for the usage of several stabilizing agents, including carnitine and propylene glycol, with phosphoric acid being used as the acidifying agent. After...
    Source: ScienceInHydroponics by admin
  • The Rise of At-Home Hydroponic Gardens
    With intelligent indoor gardening systems, you can now grow leafy greens, vegetables, herbs and fruits in your living room, kitchen, even tiny studio apartment. The post The Rise of At-Home Hydroponic Gardens appeared first on Modern Farmer....
    Fuente: Modern Farmer by Bridget Shirvell
  • So, You Want to Be a Marijuana Farmer?
    In mid-July, a group of Democratic senators introduced a sweeping bill to federally legalize, regulate and tax marijuana. Despite the fact that most experts believe the bill will not, in its current form or really anything close to it, pass into law, it’s still one further sign that marijuana will,...
    Fuente: Modern Farmer by Dan Nosowitz
  • The Potassium to Calcium ratio in hydroponics
    To have a healthy hydroponic crop, you need to supply plants with all the nutrients they need. One of the most important variables that determine proper nutrient absorption, is the ratio of Potassium to Calcium in the nutrient solution. These two elements compete between themselves and have different absorption profiles...
    Source: ScienceInHydroponics by admin
  • How to use organic fertilizers in Kratky hydroponics
    I’ve written several posts in this blog about Kratky hydroponics (for example here and here). In this method, you use a bucket, a net pot, a small amount of media, and some nutrient solution, to grow a plant from start to finish. It requires no power or interventions in the...
    Source: ScienceInHydroponics by admin
  • Arduino hydroponics, how to build a sensor station with an online dashboard
    In a previous post about Arduino hydroponics, I talked about some of the simplest projects you could build with Arduinos. We also talked about how you could steadily advance towards more complex projects, if you started with the right boards and shields. In this post, I am going to show...
    Source: ScienceInHydroponics by admin
  • A great trick to higher chelate stability in hydroponics
    The stability of micronutrients in hydroponic solution has been studied in depth during the last 5 decades (1). The EDTA molecule was the first cheap synthetic ligand that created highly stable chelates that could be used to stabilize heavy metals in solution. After this, efforts to create more stable chelates...
    Source: ScienceInHydroponics by admin
  • Hydroponics vs soil, all you wanted to know
    Hydroponics seeks to grow plants without soil. But is this any better? In this post, we are going to take a deep dive into the peer-reviewed literature comparing soil crops with hydroponic ones. We are going to look at papers that compare yields, quality, cost, and environmental impact. This will...
    Source: ScienceInHydroponics by admin
  • The best hydroponic medium you have never heard of
    One of the most important choices in a soilless crop is the medium. Ideally, the media in a hydroponic crop should provide no nutrition but just act as support material for the plant. However, common media choices, such as coco coir and peat moss, are far from inert and their...
    Source: ScienceInHydroponics by admin
  • FAQs About Water and Hydroponics
    Water. It’s the hydro part of hydroponics. You can find many answers to H2O related questions here....
    Source: GeneralHydroponics by General Hydroponics
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