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Below are excerpts of the latest Semiconductors news found online, copyrighted and direct link to their respective authors. Found, selected, and sorted. Any problem or additional source you would like to include here, please contact us.

  • 2023 semi sales to fall 5% says IC Insights
    After record sales in 2022, semi sales are forecast to fall in 2023. Collapsing memory prices and uncertain global economy weigh on next year’s growth. Total semiconductor sales include the combined sales of ICs, optoelectronics, sensors and actuators, and discretes (O-S-D) components. After soaring 25% to $614.7 billion in 2021,...
    Quelle: Electronics Weekly von David Manners
  • 2023 semi market to fall 3.6% says Gartner
    In a relatively optimistic forecast, Gartner expects 2023 semiconductor revenue to decline 3.6% after the 4% growth in 2022 which will deliver a 2022 market worth $618 billion. “The short-term outlook for semiconductor revenue has worsened,” says Gartner vp Richard Gordon, “rapid deterioration in the global economy and weakening consumer...
    Quelle: Electronics Weekly von David Manners
  • Government should invest in compound semis, says BEIS committee
    The Government should secure partnerships with strategic allies to secure lucrative inward investment in the UK semiconductor industry, according to a new report from the Business, Energy and Industrial Strategy Committee.  MPs on the Committee singled out cooperation with the US under the CHIPS Act and engagement with Taiwan as...
    Quelle: Electronics Weekly von David Manners
  • Intel regains industry leadership
    Intel regained its No.1 slot in the semiconductor industry in Q3,as the memory slump hit Samsung, reports the market research firm Omdia. Qualcomm came third after a Q3 sales increase of 5.6% q-o-q. Hynix dropped from third to fourth place as sales dropped by more than 26%.  Broadcom was No.5...
    Quelle: Electronics Weekly von David Manners
  • Fully rubbery Schottky diode and integrated devices | Science Advances
    A stretchable Schottky diode and its integrated system are developed entirely based on soft stretchy materials....
    Quelle: Wissenschaft - Fortschritte
  • EPFL's Highly Cited Researchers in 2022
    22.11.22 - Eleven EPFL researchers are among the most highly cited scientists in 2022. At ENAC, Professor Athanasios Nenes is among the nominees. As described by Clarivate, which establishes the yearly ranking, Highly Cited Researchers have demonstrated significant and broad influence reflected in their publication of multiple highly cited papers...
    Quelle: EPFL
  • Laser Welding Explained
    Laser welding uses a high-precision laser beam to fuse metals and thermoplastics. The accuracy and precision of the process produces low thermal distortion, making it perfect for welding sensitive materials. […] The post Laser Welding Explained appeared first on Fractory....
    Quelle: von Siim Sild
  • Keck Observatory's Newest Planet Hunter Puts Its Eye on the Sky
    More than 5,000 exoplanets, or planets that orbit stars beyond our sun, have been spotted over the last 30 years, and discoveries from space and ground-based telescopes continue to roll in. The planets come in many sizes and compositions and include everything from molten lava worlds to gas giant planets...
    Quelle: Caltech von Whitney Clavin
  • Semiconductors: The Building Blocks of Modern Technology
    The global semiconductor industry is on the rise, with the potential to grow into a trillion-dollar industry by the end of the decade. In tandem, scientists continue to advance the field with quality research in semiconductor technology and applications. Here, we explore recent advances in semiconductor research across ACS Publications...
    Source: American Chemical Society by Neha Batra
  • Samsung and AMD’s profit slump suggests industry trouble for chipmakers
    Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge The downturn in the chip industry started in the summer months, as crypto crashes caused blockchain miners to flood the market with previously hard-to-find graphics cards. Almost overnight, demand eased up and caused graphics hardware prices to drop by almost half. Nvidia’s CEO...
    Quelle: The Verge by Umar Shakir
  • US issues sweeping restrictions on chip sales to China
    Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge The Biden administration announced sweeping new restrictions on the sale of semiconductor chips and manufacturing equipment to China on Friday in a major effort to impair Beijing’s military and technological capabilities, according to The Wall Street Journal. The new rules require manufacturers, like...
    Quelle: The Verge by Makena Kelly
  • U.S. Curbs Chip Exports in Bid to Slow China's Military Advance
    Under the new rules, chip manufacturers must obtain a license from the Commerce Department to export advanced semiconductors and chip-making equipment....
    Source: The Wall Street Journal - News
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