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Neueste Nachrichten über Mikroelektronik

Below are excerpts of the latest Microelectronics news found online, copyrighted and direct link to their respective authors. Found, selected, and sorted. Any problem or additional source you would like to include here, please contact us.

  • EU tech collaboration aims for €21.8bn budget
    The EC has announced a 56 company collaboration in microelectronics and communications technology. The collaboration is backed by €8.1 billion in state aid from 14 countries and hopes to attract another €13.7 billion  of private investment. Participants include Airbus, ASML, Ericsson, GlobalFoundries, Orange, ADI, Continental Automotive and Bosch. “We need...
    Quelle: Electronics Weekly von David Manners
  • Lynn Conway and The Chip Design Revolution
    Lynn Conway is a pioneering computer scientist, engineer, and transgender activist. Known for her significant contributions to computer architecture, VLSI design, and design automation, she developed innovative methods and tools for designing complex integrated circuits and laid the foundation for modern chip design practices. Learn more about this inspiring woman...
    Quelle: Sparkfun von Lauren Gregory
  • A Thin Leap Forward: World’s First Functional 2D Microchip
    The first demonstration of a functional microchip integrating atomically thin two-dimensional materials with exotic properties heralds a new era of microelectronics. The world’s first fully......
    Quelle: SciTech Daily by King Abdullah University of Science & Technology (KAUST)
  • ST: waterproof absolute pressure sensor will be available for 10 years
    STMicroelectronics has introduced a waterproof absolute pressure sensor “with a declared 10 year longevity program”, it said. Using mems technology and aimed at the industrial market, ILPS28QSW sensor comes in a 2.8 x 2.8 x 2mm surface-mount package with a cylindrical top and a square base (‘CCLGA-7L’, see photo). This...
    Quelle: Electronics Weekly von Steve Bush
  • EU and South Korea to make a new Horizon Europe partnership
    Embracing a new era of innovation, The European Commission and South Korea are engaged in talks to establish a Horizon Europe Partnership, a collaboration in the EU's €95.5 billion research and innovation program. The post EU and South Korea to make a new Horizon Europe partnership appeared first on Open...
    Quelle: Open Access Government by Ramsha Khan
  • Straining to oxidize stubborn metals
    Bharat Jalan (left) and Sreejith Nair (right) in their laboratory. Photo: Olivia Hultgren, University of Minnesota.A team led by researchers at the University of Minnesota Twin Cities has developed a first-of-its-kind, breakthrough method that makes it easier to create high-quality metal oxide thin films out of ‘stubborn’ metals that have...
    Quelle: Materialien heute
  • Conventional looms produce unconventional textiles
    A next-generation smart textile produced with the same machines used to make the clothing we wear every day. Photo: Sanghyo Lee.Researchers have developed next-generation smart textiles – incorporating LEDs, sensors, energy harvesting and storage – that can be produced inexpensively, in any shape or size, using the same machines used...
    Quelle: Materialien heute
  • STMicroelectronics Protects Power Conversion and Gate Driving
    Geneva. A new customized 10W isolated-buck IC from STMicroelectronics has been released to protect power conversion and gate driving in IGBTs, SiC, and GaN transistors. The L6983i includes low quiescent current and 3.5V-38V input-voltage range....
    Quelle: Eingebettete Datenverarbeitung
  • Stormy finding in 2D ferromagnet
    This simulation captures the different swirling textures of skyrmions and merons observed in a ferromagnet thin film. Image by the University of Edinburgh, UK, based on microscopy images collected by Argonne on samples prepared at MagLab.Microelectronics forms the foundation of much modern technology today, including smartphones, laptops and even supercomputers....
    Quelle: Materialien heute
  • NINA la Vida
    Das NINA-B306 Thing Plus ist da, zusammen mit zwei neuen AI-Einplatinencomputern von NVIDIA!...
    Quelle: Sparkfun von Chris McCarty
  • A Tag as Dynamic Wouldn't Sense as Sweet
    The Qwiic Dynamic NFC/RFID Tag graduates to reds and the AWS IoT ExpressLink SARA-R5 Starter Kit gets a new version....
    Quelle: Sparkfun von Chris McCarty
  • Graphene locks onto topological qubit
    The formation of a heterostructure of layered two-dimensional materials, envisioned as Lego-type blocks locking together. Image: Elizabeth Floresgomez Murray.According to an international team of researchers, a new form of heterostructure made from layered two-dimensional (2D) materials may overcome key barriers to the widespread application of quantum computing. The researchers were...
    Quelle: Materialien heute
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