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Neueste Nachrichten über künstliche Intelligenz

Below are excerpts of the latest Artificial Intelligence news found online, copyrighted and direct link to their respective authors. Found, selected, and sorted. Any problem or additional source you would like to include here, please contact us.

  • AI at the edge for ‘a few tens of mW’
    Rohm has developed a 30mW artificial intelligence IC with on-device learning capability for edge processing – 30mW here is an example power, dependent on algorithm running. “Until now it has been difficult to develop AI chips that can learn in the field consuming low power,” according to the company. This...
    Quelle: Electronics Weekly von Steve Bush
  • Artificial Intelligence (AI) to the Rescue of Cybersecurity
    Is Cybersecurity a Major Concern? According to a survey by CWC and the Ipsos Institute, only 29% of companies consider cybersecurity to be a priority,  and only one in two companies has implemented a strategy to combat cyber risks. Over the past year, one in two companies has observed a...
    Quelle: DZone by Usama Amin
  • Teresa Gao named 2024 Mitchell Scholar
    The MIT senior will pursue postgraduate studies in computer science in Ireland....
    Quelle: MIT: Forschung by Julia Mongo | Office of Distinguished Fellowships
  • Lawsuit Takes Aim at the Way A.I. Is Built
    A programmer is suing Microsoft, GitHub and OpenAI over artificial intelligence technology that generates its own computer code....
    Source: NY Times Technology by Cade Metz
  • A simpler path to better computer vision
    New research reveals a scalable technique that uses synthetic data to improve the accuracy of AI models that recognize images....
    Quelle: MIT: Forschung von Adam Zewe | MIT Nachrichtenbüro
  • Study: Zebrafish are smarter than we thought
    Researchers have discovered that the brains of these simple fish can create three-dimensional maps of their surroundings....
    Quelle: MIT: Forschung by Anne Trafton | MIT News Office
  • Empowering social media users to assess content helps fight misinformation
    An experimental platform that puts moderation in the hands of its users shows that people do evaluate posts effectively and share their assessments with others....
    Quelle: MIT: Forschung von Adam Zewe | MIT Nachrichtenbüro
  • Solving brain dynamics gives rise to flexible machine-learning models
    MIT CSAIL researchers solve a differential equation behind the interaction of two neurons through synapses to unlock a new type of speedy and efficient AI algorithm....
    Quelle: MIT: Forschung by Rachel Gordon | MIT CSAIL
  • How can a CFO foster enterprise-wide change in finance transformation?
    Successful finance transformation initiatives cannot be achieved in a vacuum. Beyond building solutions that could potentially deliver enterprise-wide value, chief financial officers (CFOs) must also engage other department heads, alliance partners and key stakeholders in scope planning to encourage alignment on a shared vision. Finance departments traditionally used data that...
    Quelle: IBM IoT Blog by Naved Qureshi
  • Flex your cloud-enabled ERP
    The world of cloud-based enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems is ever-evolving. For some finance operators, investing in the right ERP system, or a cloud-based counterparts, can be a tough decision. In IBM Consulting’sfinance transformation practice, our consultants encounter many finance organizations that realize the importance of modernizing their ERP systems....
    Quelle: IBM IoT Blog by Lucia Jarrett
  • How £1.4m research project hopes to tackle blackgrass
    Farmers Weekly A team of experts is looking to use precision farming technology and artificial intelligence to tackle costly blackgrass infestations on UK farms. Blackgrass is a weed that inhibits the growth of wheat crops and is estimated to be responsible for annual losses of up to 800,000t, with associated...
    Source: Farmer Weekly by Richard Allison
  • US issues sweeping restrictions on chip sales to China
    Illustration by Alex Castro / The Verge The Biden administration announced sweeping new restrictions on the sale of semiconductor chips and manufacturing equipment to China on Friday in a major effort to impair Beijing’s military and technological capabilities, according to The Wall Street Journal. The new rules require manufacturers, like...
    Quelle: The Verge by Makena Kelly
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